Neptunus International

Neptunus Favet Eunti

Neptune favors the sailors.

NEPTUNUS is the CDMO's e-review dedicated to maritime and coastal law. It has been the first French online  legal review. It has been created by two students in 1994 by Jean-Michel MORINIERE, now lawyer and Prof. at La Sorbonne (Dubai) and Yvan JULIA, now legal adviser at the Supreme Court of Panama.

Neptunus publishes articles (Jurisprudence commentaries, synthetic studies) that cover any subject of maritime interest. Students and Phd's comments might be submitted. The review also encourages professionals to express their views on subjects of contemporary interest.

Neptunus = ISSN 1266-6912

The review will not publish articles exceeding 12 pages (times 11, interline 1), including text and footnotes. Once submitted, all articles are peer-reviewed. Reviewers are usually members of the research centre.

Submissions have to be adressed to :

For any further information, please contact Patrick Chaumette

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