Centre de Droit Maritime et Océanique


Few words about the Centre

The Maritime and Oceanic Law Centre (CDMO) of the Law Faculty of Nantes has been created by Prof. Emmanuel du Pontavice in 1970. It is one of the nineteen research centres of the University of Nantes specialised in marine and coastal legal studies, grouped within the Institute University Sea and Coastal (Institut Universitaire Mer et Littoral, IUML FR CNRS 3473).

The CDMO developed its activities under the leaderships of Prof. Philippe-Jean Hesse, legal historian, André-Hubert Mesnard, specialist of coastal law and cultural heritage laws, Yves Tassel, specialist of maritime commercial law, and Jean-Pierre Beurier, law of the sea and international environmental law specialist. These Professors, now retired, participated in the writing of the book Droits Maritimes, in 1995 and 1998 (three tomes), then in 2006 (Ed. Dalloz), in one tome (2nd ed. in 2008, 3rd ed. in 2014). The third edition welcomed the contributions of Arnaud Montas, François Mandin and Marc Joyau.
A new team has produced a new edition, published in September 2021, with contributions from Dominique Gaurier, Valérie Boré-Eveno, Odile Delfour-Samama, Caroline Devaux, Nicolas Huten, Nicolas Boillet et Florian Thomas. Patrick Chaumette, Gwenaele Proutière-Maulion, Martin Ndende and Robert Rézenthel also continue in this new edition.

The CDMO also proposes a specialised documentation for students and Phd students.

The centre is recognised as Phd students' host team by the French ministry for higher education and scientific research (EA 1165).
Mis à jour le 31 December 2021.